Sunday, September 17, 2006

rain, rain, go away...

I guess I should have known better. It's just been so long since it rained on me that I thought it just wasn't something that happened anymore...but it started raining last night and I had to go on two walks today where I got wet.

Now I don't mind getting a bit wet every now and then but only on my know, when it's really hot outside and you're walking around down by the ocean, it's not that bad wading in a bit to cool off. I still wouldn't go for a swim (there's a reason it's called the dog-paddle and not the wienerblab-paddle...if you hadn't noticed, my legs weren't designed to propel a 45lb dog in water...presuming I don't just sink, that is...) but this rain when I need to go for my walks and mark and re-mark the city as mine is just not nice. I really do wish Ryan and Sara would do something about it.

Being that I still have to go out when it rains, at least I have my sexy rain jacket. I know you've seen it before but here I am modeling it for you.

look at that sexy wienerblab!

gotta go, I think I hear movement in the kitchen.


Sunday, September 03, 2006

Mt Wiener Blab

My new favourite thing is climbing the mountains.

Some people might think that a wienerblab's legs would be
too little for such a passtime. To which i say that little wienerblab legs can work as very powerful springs.

I submit the following photo as proof that i climbed almost all the way to the top of finlayson. Even though much of the climb involved scrambling over rock steps taller than myself.
And i would have gone further if my people hadn't stopped me. For some reason they were worried that i might have problems on the way down.