Saturday, January 06, 2007

sorryyyyyy...but i'm back!

I know I haven't been posting lately. Ryan was on his computer for almost all of December writing papers and stuff. Silly Ryan also keeps turning off his computer when he goes out and my paw is too big to press the power button. Anyways...I had a great christmas holiday. We went and saw all my friends up in qualicum and nanaimo including Tobi and all five collies. I wasn't allowed to visit with the chickens or the goats though.

Ryan and Sara were sooooo proud of me...since Tobi moved over to protection island where ryan and sara got married I was worried I wouldn't get to see Tobi because you have to take a scary little boat to get there....but Ryan carried me on the boat while Sara kept giving me treats and it really wasn't so bad at all. I hardly barked at all even though both ways there were other scary dogs on the boat too.

I got lots of new toys for christmas too. I got a squishy ball that bounces all over the place and we can play tug with. I also got a fuzzy bone with rope sticking out both ends for tugging...this one squeaked at first but doesn't anymore...i don't know what happened to its squeakiness. Also...the coolest scubee toy ever...i got a duck...and it quacks like a duck and's soooo much fun. I hear Ryan and Sara getting out of bed now so I should go.

bye for now.