Wednesday, May 03, 2006


what more could a fuzzy wienerblab ask for than to be able to frolic around in the backyard in the sun? well...four meals a day would be nice (hint, hint).

Ryan stayed home again today, except for a short time that he went out. This afternoon we got to run around in the back yard and I was able to do my rolling around in the grass and growling's soo much fun! I also fetched the ball a few times, but I get kinda bored of that when there are so many things to smell...and I can't wait for those plums to start falling from those trees...yummmmeeeee! I don't think that's going to happen for a while though.

I think my friend Adrienne moved in next door...I went to the apartment where that wierd chihuahua and the whippet lived and they weren't there. I think there's going to be another dog moving in because Adrienne always smells like this other dog. I hope she's a nice dog, because I'd like to have a new doggie-friend living next door.


Tuesday, May 02, 2006

wienerblab delivery service

After eating breakfast (a muffin) and lunch at the legislative dining room, she was really not looking forward to also having dinner there, because she had to stay at work until 9. Instead, Ryan and I made her dinner and walked down there to give it to her. Our original plan was to eat down there with her out on the lawn in the sun but she was too busy with work and had to go back inside.

We made her a big salad (don't worry, I tasted all the vegetables first to make sure they were okay for her to eat) and brought dressing, and some ginger ale, and we also brought her fresh strawberries and fake whipped cream (she gets itchy when she has the stuff with milk in it). She was really surprised and happy, and we did get to run around a bit on the lawn before we had to say good-bye and walk home. It was fun and I'm glad she enjoyed seeing us.

One thing we have to watch out for next time though are these really scary bears that are running loose in the city. They're very big and I'm worried about them attacking Ryan and Sara but I'm too little to stop them. You should be careful too!