Wednesday, April 26, 2006


You can never be too prepared for when that big earthquake hits. That's why I regularly practice my earthquake preparedness. It's very important that you either get into a doorway, or underneath a strong table or, in my case, chair, to protect yourself against falling ceilings and such.

A prepared wienerblab, is a safe wienerblab!


Thursday, April 20, 2006

out on the town!

queue the Bee Gees, "Stayin' alive"..."oh you can tell by the way I use my walk..."

oops...I guess you don't need to hear me singing. Ryan and I just got back from a nice two-hour long adventure out on the town. We went to some printing shop that we've been to before but then we went to this coffee place and hung out on their patio for a while. I was really good and didn't even bark when Ryan went inside to order his coffee. I got a little upset when this one dog went by, but I let two others go by unnoticed, and I even held back from barking at two skateboarders even though I really don't like them...they scare me a little. Ryan also gave me lots of treats while we were there.

Now we're back home, so I'm just going to stretch out here on the floor until my dinner time. Ryan better have been joking when he said at the coffee shop that those treats were my dinner...


Wednesday, April 19, 2006

i know there's food in here somewhere least I got the crumbs cleaned out of it. It would have been nice if Ryan had given me the bag when it was full and not after he had emptied it. Oh was yummy anyways. It's nice having Ryan home, even though he spends way too much time on his computer...he still takes me out in the back yard to run around and play ball and tug of war more than when he's going to school. Anyways...i think it's my nap time now...or maybe it's run around outside with ryan time...darnit, I can never remember.


Saturday, April 15, 2006

waiting for the mailman

I don't understand...the evil evil mailman came this week and I got by Ryan to protect him and jumped up on the mailman but I got in trouble for it. I was just protecting my Ryan...

I heard the mailman say I bit him but I only jumped up and put my mouth around his arm ever so lightly. I would never bite anyone. He said if it happens again we might not get any more mail that attacks me through the mail slot in the door every day. I would be okay with that...the mail is very bad, that's why I have to attack it back when it comes through the slot.

One time I was sleeping by the door and the mail came through and hit me in the head and that's when I knew it was evil. I hope Ryan and Sara aren't too mad at me. I think they're giving me less food and treats...I'm sure before I was getting fed 12 times a day and now it's only twice.


Thursday, April 13, 2006

This studying is hard

I don't know how Ryan does it. He's been studying lots lately. I heard them say he has lots of exams and papers... whatever those are.

I tried reading one of his books on labour relations but I just couldn't read very much without needing to eat some food and fall asleep. (come to think of it... I can't do much without needing to eat some food and fall asleep... maybe that's just part of being a wienerblab.)

Oh well... I think I'll go eat some food and fall asleep.