Saturday, October 28, 2006

Once again...I'm so helpful

I just don't know what Ryan would do without my help.

He's been sitting at his desk all day doing something on his computer so I decided I would go and check things out. He wouldn't still be sitting in front of his computer if he didn't need my help. I'm not sure how much help I was, because I had expected he was working out some mathematical equation relating to how he can best increase my food intake and the amount of time we can spend walking and sniffing outside. As it turns out, he was working on something to do with law cases and people's last names and some other stuff that I can't see any relevance to in respect of yours truly...

So I just shed on him some more and finished this up and went back to lying next to Sara on the couch. I think watching Britain's Next Top Model is more interesting than what Ryan's doing.


Friday, October 06, 2006

I better not get wet

I'm not so sure about this whole boat thing.

Sara's parents are moving to Protection Island, which was where Ryan and Sara got married. I've never actually been there because they didn't really want me on the boat to get there. (I might have been barking a little bit to express my displeasure).

Anyways...if I'm going to be able to visit Tobi I guess I'm going to have to figure out how to get over there. This boat is supposed to be the answer. I can bark to my heart's content without the boat captain refusing to let me on...(hopefully). Here's the boat Ryan's building and it looks like it's almost ready. I think it just needs paint now that it has a coat of primer on both the inside and out. The weather is what has been keeping Ryan from finishing...(and I suppose law school has been contributing as well.

Anyways, we'll see if this works.

We're going over to Pender Island today and I think Tobi's coming over there tomorrow as well...I can't wait. I don't like the ferry either but it's so big that the people driving the boat can't hear me complain...and Ryan and Sara give me lots of food to keep me occupied.

anyways...gotta go have a nap.

bye for now.