Sunday, June 17, 2007

hangin' with tobi

Tobi came to visit! I was sooo excited! And we even got to spend the whoooole night and whooooled day together because his family came down to see my aunt melanie do something that they called a "half iron triathlon". I don't know what that is. We got to snuggle and play, and even though i was a bit tired so we didn't wrestle, it was great fun anyway!

Tobi says i look too skinny. Sara and ryan say that it's because of the sickness, and that i am losing my muscles. But i think it's because i don't get enough treats. Honestly, people just don't get it sometimes.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

thank goodness for eating

Whatever it was that was bothering my tummy seems to have cleared up pretty quickly, which is good because it's no fun missing my meals. Yesterday afternoon i got to have three seperate little dinners of special food! And afterwards, i even got to take sara on a short walk!

The vet thinks that i didn't eat anything bad, but that feeling ill was probably something to do with my mystery sickness. The people still think it's most likely cancer, but despite many many tests and consults with special vets, they haven't been able to figure out which type. Go figure. People aren't nearly as smart as they would have you think.

If only they would listen to me -- i think that it is all due to a lack of pupcakes and cookies, and if only i could have an unlimited supply of treats i'm sure i would be cured!

Thursday, June 14, 2007

not feeling so good

Today i am not feeling so good. My belly is just not very happy. I was up much of the night with ryan, and still was not doing great in the morning so sara stayed home with me. I'm feeling a bit better now that we went to the vet and got a shot -- i was very very good the whole time -- and have even been able to eat a little food, which is a huuuuuge relief.

I'm glad that sara stayed home to cuddle with me in the sunshine, but i wish that i was feeling better enough to play some games. What's the fun of having your person stay home with you if you're sick the whole time?

I wish i knew what was wrong with me...

Sunday, June 10, 2007

why i love weekends

i just love weekends because ryan and sara stay home with me. sometimes they leave for a little while, but they often spend extra time playing in the backyard and cuddling with me. sometimes, we all nap for part of the afternoon. i think that napping with my family is just about the best thing there is (besides eating treats, of course).