Saturday, January 28, 2006

year of the dog

so, i've heard that this year is called the year of the dog.
i don't understand, because i thought that every year was the year of the dog.

but, gung hey fat choy anyway!

Friday, January 20, 2006

doing errands

This week Sara is home from work. She says it's because she's working on her master's thesis, but I know the real reason is that she wants to cuddle with me lots and take me for extra long walks. We often do errands on our walks.

Actually, Sara and I just got back from doing errands. I like to help with errands. Sara and Ryan don't like going into stores without me, so we visit stores where I am allowed to come inside. Today Sara and I went to the hardware store, and the people there all think I'm great. I think the hardware store is one of my favourite places because there are all sorts of great smells.

Although I also like the movie store because a few times I have found yummy things, like popcorn, on the ground (just don't tell Sara and Ryan about it, they're pretty uptight and probably wouldn't approve).

Sunday, January 15, 2006

where is my chair?

i'm upset because someone took away my chair. i had this great brown fuzzy armchair that i would sleep on. i especially liked to do my "scubee donut" pose on the chair.

but then ryan said he wanted a new chair that would be better suited for doing his law school reading. our apartment is small and we couldn't fit both chairs, and apparently ryan's chair is more important that my chair, so sara and ryan took my chair away.

now sometimes in the evening i sit in front of the new chair and stare at it. i think maybe if i glare at it hard enough it will transform into my old brown fuzzy chair.

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

My new sweater

Hey there, I forgot to mention what I got for christmas...I don't know what christmas is but I like it because I got lots of cookies...but that's not all. I also got this neat hooded sweater that keeps me nice and warm. I'm not allowed to wear it outside much because I tend to get very muddy when I go outside and it's wet out...but maybe when it's dry. Here's a picture of me in my new hoodie. Aren't I such a great model!

Bye for now...