Tuesday, July 11, 2006

work work work...all i ever do

Today I helped Ryan build a table. He and Sara wanted a table for the backyard for when they have people over. We had some friends over on Saturday and only had these tiny little tables that I almost knocked over a bunch of times.

As you can tell by the picture, I helped out lots in the building phase. I couldn't really help with buying the materials because of the whole opposable-thumb thing, but I could help today. It took a few hours, and we had some kraft dinner for lunch in between while we were re-checking our measurements...mmmmmmm...macaroni...

now where was I? oh, right...so we finished the table, and then Sara came home and we went for a walk. Ryan also has a picture of the finished table on his blog. phew...I'm beat...time for me and my deer to have a nap.


Monday, July 10, 2006

What an adventure

I really don't know why I don't like driving in the car...I just can't help but freak out and bark and scratch and jump around. I want to be good, because Sara and Ryan always take me to fun places when we go out in the car, but something just comes over me in the car. Maybe I'm repressing some bad memories from before Ryan and Sara rescued me from evil Truro.

Take yesterday for example. We went for a sort of long car ride (not as long as the one to visit Tobi, but it was about 45 minutes) but we went to this great place called East Sooke Park. It was so much fun running through the woods and on the rocks on the beach (even though lots of the rocks were bigger than me). I even sort of went into the water. Sara and Ryan were walking along the rocks and there was this one part where I couldn't jump to the next rocks so I went in the water. It was up past my belly (which isn't far if you've seen my legs) and was a little cold, but it wasn't for very long and it was kind of refreshing. I'm still holding fast to my assertion that weinerblabs aren't meant to swim, but I think wading is okay.

On the way back I wasn't freaking out too much. I think it was partly because I was pretty tired after such an adventure, and partly because Sara kept feeding me my wonderful kibble the whole way back.

Sorry for not having any pictures but Ryan forgot his camera and my lack of opposable thumbs sort of prevents me from being able to use one myself.


Saturday, July 08, 2006

The world is my back-scratcher

Do let me know by comments if you can't see these videos. They're supposed to be easy for most computers to see.

I just love lying in the backyard and rolling around on my back. it feels soooooo goooooood...like that guy on the lilydale turkey commercials says...mmmmm...that's what I need....turkey....

Anyways, it feels great on my back. Sometimes i also accompany it with moaning and growling, just so my people know I'm still there and know how good it feels...maybe they'll try it some time.

bye for now...