Thursday, March 29, 2007

kinda cold in here


So I still haven't heard back yet from the vet but we should hear something today I you can tell, I survived my bout of starvation. It was touch and go for a while there but when I came out of the vet room I got a great big cookie and then a whole bunch of kibble in the car on the way home. Since then though things have been a bit poor belly had to be shaved for the ultrasound thingy to was quite frightening...they had to shave me and then they put this weird jelly-type stuff on my belly while they moved this thing around. I'm okay, but fuzzy scubee isn't so fuzzy anymore in some parts. They assure me it will grow back though, but I'll believe it when I see it (or at least when I show it to people when I roll over to let them rub my belly).


Tuesday, March 27, 2007

ssoOoOOooOoo hungry

I don't know why everyone is so mean to me. Can't you see I'm starving? Look, you can almost see my ribs. My tongue is sticking out in hopes of catching any airborne nutrients that might happen by...(don't worry, I don't have Charles' problem)
I don't know what I did to deserve this but I didn't get my breakfast this morning. I did get a mildly unexpected additional dinner around 9:30 last night, but that's no reason to deprive me of breakfast. They say it's because of my vet appointment today. I'm going to get an ultrasound done of my belly, but it's not until 11:30. They said I can't eat for 12 hours before my appointment but I still don't understand why my appointment couldn't be earlier. Oh well...hopefully I'll make it...and Ryan better bring my breakfast with us to the vet to revive me afterwards.


Sunday, March 25, 2007

And you thought cookies were great

Yes, my friends, there is something out there, just for dogs, that is better than cookies. I know, I know...but take a look at these!

Your eyes are not deceiving you...they are, in fact, doggie cupcakes. Sara brought them home from the store on Friday and they are sooooooooo good. I didn't want the goodness to ever end...but alas, she only brought home two of them. I heard her saying to Ryan that she had to show him the store she got them at, so all is not lost...I believe there will be more. For those of you here in Victoria (MJ, this is to you), I heard the place is in Dragon Alley in Chinatown. I don't know where that is, but if you get your people to read this maybe they can help. Anyways, off to go dream about more of those yummy yummy cupcakes.


Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Check out the new duds!

Sara went out the other day and came back with an early birthday present for me. My birthday isn't until next month but she got me this new shirt. If ever there was a shirt that described the essence of wienerblabness, this is it! She said she got it from this store in Market Square where they have lots of cool doggie stuff. You should get one!


Saturday, March 17, 2007

A lesson in cookie eating

Not that you need a lesson on how to eat cookies, because I know you're all pretty good at that naturally. The key to this lesson is one of strategy. Now I know it's not often that you are confronted with multiple cookies at the same time, let alone ones varying in size, shape and tastiness, but watch the video and learn. The key is to go after the largest one first, because we all know, cookies will disappear before your eyes if you don't eat them fast enough.


But I'm an Aries...

Your element: Fire
Your ruling planets: Mars
Symbol: The Ram
Your stone: Ruby
Life Pursuit: The thrill of the moment
Vibration: Enthusiastic
Aries Secret Desire: To lead the way for others.

Ryan talked to the vet yesterday because we were still waiting to hear back about my last blood tests and she said that she thinks I have some sort of cancer. I don't know what that is but I know I don't like it. They couldn't see anything from my x-rays (after all that) so they said I need to go back and have an ultrasound on my belly. I'm not sure what they'll find because I keep telling Ryan that there's not enough food in there. I'm taking this thing called prednisone twice a day. It's also making me want to drink more and it's making me really hyper (probably not so much that the average person could tell the difference from before but my people can).

Anyways, I'll hope to know more in a couple of weeks when they do this ultrasound thingy.


Wednesday, March 14, 2007

antifreeze tastes like candy

did you know that even though that green stuff people put in their cars tastes like candy, it can kill dogs? and other animals too?

and even though there are are safe kinds of antifreeze that are not poisonous, most people don't know about them.

in my home of british columbia, us dogs have started a campaign to get people to learn about the safe kinds of antifreeze and to get the poisonous stuff off the shelves. find out more at the spca website.

here's a picture of me with some of the safe kind of green stuff -- my people bought this at canadian tire. i look worried because i am thinking about all the dogs that get sick and even die from the poisonous green stuff each year.


Sunday, March 11, 2007

Napkins are bad for the environment...I use pants instead

You know how after a really great and satisfying meal (to the extent that a meal that ends can be satisfying) and you're all done licking the crumbs off your face, you find your face covered in slobber and your nose running a bit? Rather than using napkins that are made from paper and the senseless destruction of the places where we pee, I find a nearby pantleg (preferably with the leg still inside) works wonders. It not only helps you to wipe the aforementioned (okay, ryan helped with that word) slobber and snot, it also helps with that itching sensation that comes with it. Here's an example of how it's done.


Wednesday, March 07, 2007


This is me licking my lips after some good kibble. I'm glad I have my appetite back, mostly, because I was wondering how I could possibly survive without my kibble. (though the beef and chicken and fresh salmon kinda helped) They still don't know what's wrong but they've got me on some sort of drug in the meantime which seems to be helping because I have more energy and my love for all things food seems to have returned (except for mushrooms, but they're not really food. I'm not sure why ryan eats those).

I think we'll get the results from the last set of tests tomorrow or friday.


Monday, March 05, 2007

x-rays are stupid too

Well...back to the vet today. They still don't know what's wrong with me so they had to take more of my blood (it's really not fun). They also made me get x-ray pictures taken. Now I love getting my picture taken as much as the next wienerblab, but this type they put you on a cold table and stretch you out and try to hold you still while they do this...they're sure not getting my good side (even though they took pictures of both sides of me and one of my belly...I'm sure they could see how empty it was). And then the messed up on one of them and had to take it again. As you can see...I'm now glowing from all the radiation and appliances turn on as I walk by them. I hope I return to normal soon.

(okay okay...I'm not really glowing...ryan showed me how to do that in his photo program)


Sunday, March 04, 2007

I hope Tobi comes over again soon

Tobi is my bestest friend. When he comes over we have so much fun running around and wrestling. We don't break stuff very often. We used to make a lot of sound when we'd wrestle but our people like it better when we're more quiet like this. It may look like we're hurting each other but Tobi doesn't have most of his canines and I don't actually bite down, I just pretend.


Saturday, March 03, 2007

some good news, but more tests

Well...apparently it's not the kind of cancer they thought it might be that they tested for yesterday. On the other hand, it means they still don't know what it is that's causing my loss of appetite and crazy water consumption. As a result, I'm going back on Monday for more tests...this time they're going to do another blood test (the one they didn't do last week by mistake) and a chest x-ray. I guess we'll see what happens after that but the results from that won't come back until the end of the week and in the meantime they say they're going to give me something called a cortico-steroid (and I thought I was already muscular enough for a wienerblab) and that might help with things.

gotta go (time to go mark up the neighbourhood again)


Friday, March 02, 2007

still waiting

I really don't understand...I thought these veterinarian-type people were supposed to just know what's wrong with you when you're not feeling well. I had to go back there again today and they say they still don't know why my appetite's gone (except for the fresh salmon and rice in chicken broth that I've been getting lately) and why I'm drinking so much water. They said it wasn't that parathyroid thing (whatever that is) but that they didn't do all the tests they were supposed to last week. They also said something about my lymph nodes today and had to shave part of my leg and poke me with more needles. It wasn't fun at all. And then, of course, the thermometer in the bum again...hopefully we'll figure it all out soon and I'll be back to my normal fuzzy wienerblab self soon.

bybye for now