Wednesday, November 29, 2006

oh the life of a wienerblab

if only everyone could have it this good.

Today Ryan and Sara left pretty early, but Ryan wasn't gone long...and I did get my walk and breakfast of course.

Then Ryan came home and we napped on the couch for a bit while watching Politics with Don Newman on CBC.

Ryan went out again for a bit but came home with lots of groceries...probably for more meals for yours truly. He did spend a bit too much time on his computer after that working on his school stuff but now we're just hanging out on the couch havin' a beer and waiting for Sara to come home from her pottery class. She says she's making me a new food bowl. I can't wait because mine is way too small for a wienerblab of my stature. And of better not clash with any of my outfits...which I'm sure it won't because Sara's good with that type of stuff. If Ryan were making it it might be a different story. Anyways, Sara should be home any minute so I should go. Back to chillin' on the couch for me...and no, I have no shame....I'm a wienerblab.


Monday, November 27, 2006


oh my oh my oh my i have a very exciting thing to tell you! on sunday, it snowed!! and so i went outside and made a big snowperson (ryan and sara helped a little bit).

and then, to my great excitement, when i woke up on monday it had snowed even more! and it had snowed so very very much that i could barely poke my head out of the snow. don't worry though, i am an energetic wienerblab and can leap through the snow with much gusto.

ryan stayed home with me today. he said it was because his school was cancelled, but i know it was really because he wanted to play in the snow with me. it was heaps of fun! sara had to work but when she came home we went and frolicked in the school fields.

i have had so so so much fun that i am a very very tired wienerblab and must cuddle into a ball and fall asleep.

Saturday, November 04, 2006

The wienerblab's new clothes

Yay me!

Ryan came home yesterday with some new clothes for me! I got me a nice new vest (although it's a bit small does Ryan think I am?) and a really comfy new wool hoodie. I love them so much. I don't know why, but I feel a lot more calm and comfortable in general when I'm wearing my clothes.

Probably at least partly because I just look so darn sexy...but then again...I am a wienerblab.


Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Hallowe'en is a stupid-head

I think hallowe'en should be done away with altogether. Everything is just too scary for a little old wienerblab. Things are going bang and boom and screech and people are yelling...I, for one, don't appreciate all that.

It was bad enough on the days leading up to hallowe'en, but on hallowe'en night it was just too much. Sara and Ryan weren't home for a while and I was so scared and I couldn't find anywhere to hide. I tried to dig my way out of my kennel but ended up just shredding the foam cushion into twelve million little bits of foam all over the place. (and Sara thought she had made a cover for the cushion that could resist my claws...silly sara) I tried to hide in the hallway but when I pulled all the clothes and baskets off the two lower shelves that run the length of the hallway, all I found behind them was a wall that I couldn't get through.

And with all this going on, for some reason Sara thought it would be a good idea to go for a walk. That's where I dug in my heels (well...actually my claws) and I wasn't going anywhere.

Now it's all done for another year (unless I have my way and we move to langford where fireworks aren't allowed) and I can relax again. Ryan and Sara better make it up to me for allowing the world to have such scary day every year.