Sunday, June 17, 2007

hangin' with tobi

Tobi came to visit! I was sooo excited! And we even got to spend the whoooole night and whooooled day together because his family came down to see my aunt melanie do something that they called a "half iron triathlon". I don't know what that is. We got to snuggle and play, and even though i was a bit tired so we didn't wrestle, it was great fun anyway!

Tobi says i look too skinny. Sara and ryan say that it's because of the sickness, and that i am losing my muscles. But i think it's because i don't get enough treats. Honestly, people just don't get it sometimes.


Peanut said...

Glad you and tobi had fun. Hey tell sara and ryan that protein builds muscle so you need lots of meat.

MJ's doghouse said...

you may be skinny scubbee..but to me you are a hunky little fella...i am glad you have fun with you friend...i hope you feel better soon..and go get yourself some scooby snacks...they will fatten you should see my friend bear..seh is fattening up all the boys in the hood will just check out me...hahahah

Reina the Doxie said...

Hi Scubee,
Oh its nice for a friend to come by and spend the day with him!
Yeah, why just don't the hoomans get it? WE NEED MORE TREATS!

Ferndoggle said...

I love when friends come to visit. Sherman is mean to them so he has to stay inside & I get them all to myself!

Peanut's Mom is right. More meat and protien will help your muscles stay strong.


Kitkat said...

Hey Scubee
Hope you are feeling betting, yes, you are right, more treats makes the day go better

Scuba the Muscle Boy said...

Hello Scubee. This is Scuba although I do get call Scubee sometimes.

You are not skinny.

Glad you and Tobi had fun

Sparky said...

I need some more treats! Have you tried the dried chicken breasts? They are wonderful - and more good for you, than say Snausages. My mama also dries some sweet potato for me, which I love!

wally said...

Scubee--So sorry you are feeling poorly. I agree that you should eat whatever you want. That always makes me feel better.


Sophie Brador said...

Hey Scubee, Visiting friends are great, but don't listen to them. They're just jealous that they don't get to live at your house all the time.