Sunday, July 01, 2007

in the hospital

sorry i haven't posted in a little while, but i've been feeling kinda sick.

sara and ryan were giving me special high-protein food, but for the last couple of days i haven't been able to eat anything, let alone my kibble... i know, i know, that really isn't like me at all!

ryan is away but sara has been sleeping downstairs with me, and even though she was making me drink little bits of water all the time, she still got really worried about me and took me in to the hospital. i'm going to stay here overnight while they give me fluids and transfusions, but sara is really sad because the nice vet says it looks like the cancer has moved into my liver.

i'm so glad that i got to go for a mini-vacation last weekend with tobi and my family, even though i didn't get around to blogging about about it, because i had such a great time and have lots of nice things to dream about tonight.

i'm very very tired, so i'm going to sign out now, but if the vet lets me use his computer tomorrow i'll let you know how i'm doing.


Reina the Doxie said...

Heu Scubee,

Oh i really hope you will get well soon!
Please stay well yea!
Keep us updated too!

Lots of healing kisses,

Sparky said...

Scubee, I'm sending you lots and lots of puppy kisses. Get better!

Anonymous said...

I heard my humans talking about how special our weekend was with you, Scubee. I really liked our walk to the beach. But mostly I liked all the treats we got. And it was so nice to nap in the sun. Thanks for letting me curl up in your bed. You are my best buddy. I've been trying to send you some of my doggie energy. I think if it can get all the way to you then you might feel a little bit better again.
Love you little buddy.

Kimberly said...


I'm thinking of ya and sending postive vibes your way.

Aunti Mela and Tobi said...

I wish I was there to give you a head rub my little buddy. Tobi up here gives you his love, and that he misses his best friend and the rope bear toy just is not the same without you. Hope the sun is shining down on you guys in Vic and sending you lots of Tobi kisses and mela hugs